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The Chief Acceleration Officer

While I know there are few amongst us who know of this position and even fewer in actual positions like this out there in the business world. This is a role that the top CIO or CTO needs to look very closely at if they do not already have one. The chief acceleration officer roll fits in very nicely with the digital age and how the world is able to easily share and access information and the way business looks to technology as an enabler and game changer.

Typically the CIO would be the person best suited to take up this position as part of his role as I feel it fits in with the profile of what the new CIO role should encompass. Gone are the days when all the CIOs needed to understand was the technical detail in terms of how servers, network’s, mainframe etc.

The digital age is with us and is here to stay, technology now more than ever is being seen as an enabler, allowing business to perform better and grow. It all about speed in the new digital world and people no longer want to wait. The CIO/ chief acceleration officer maybe needs to have as their visons looking at ways to not only do things better but faster.

In a recent post I talked about the fact that many large companies while having the greatest solutions/technology , still use spreadsheets to gather and present important management information, that important data is stored in siloed often not integrated technologies, and that they cannot normally share information as a group.  Surly in this day of sharing of information we need to be able to access key information quickly and efficiently in order to meet market demands, whether this be for management or planning meetings or just daily operational efficiency. This for me is one of the foundations for allowing for the accelerating of key areas of the business. We should be looking to reduce the number of solutions/technologies and look at those that address many needs and are easy to implement, support and change and integrated allowing seamless integration into legacy systems.  We need information to make the best decision, if it is not available then it is just a guess.

Some of the key areas the New CIO (acceleration officer) should be looking to do would be

  •        How to shorten product/solution-development times
  •        Accelerate deliveries to customers whether they are internal or external
  •        Eliminate or reduce wait times for internal or external customers waiting for support
  •        How to shorten or simplify the time from order to invoice
  •        Speed up and automate the time taken to access key performance data for the business
  •        Improve ways and means of communication throughout the business, the right information to the right person at the right time.

If you are able to do even some of the above points, you will be going a long way to making the executive of the business very happy. Give the business the gift of improved performance and they will smile.