January updates

As you know, in our recent posts, we’ve been talking a lot about goals. How to plan, set, track and achieve them. We are excited to announce an additional way of tracking your goals:

Introducing Goal Activities

Activities are a great way to oversee a single effort across multiple departments and owners. You will be able to segment activities to accomplishments called deliverables and assign each of them a due date and an owner.

Up until now, you have used HELIX’s Deliverables as independent items that contribute to the success of your Goal. Grouping Deliverables into Activities will allow you to see a more organized view of your plan. Now, all Deliverable owners in a single Activity will be informed when one of the Deliverables is at risk. This will allow them to collaborate more effectively. 

Link Deliverables to a specific target so that Helix will visually alert you that your target is at risk if the Deliverable is delayed.

Add Activities to your Goals to make sure your entire team is aligned to the same plan and that you are notified as soon as issues arise. As a result, Activities will help you increase the clarity and accountability of your plan.

Focus on a Single Target

Analyzing what's at risk has just got easier! Click one of your Goal's targets, and Helix will highlight all contributing sub-Goal targets and Deliverables. Highlighting is especially useful when a target is at risk and you want your team to quickly identify what needs to be done to reach that target.

Auto-Distribute Targets

​The Auto-Distribute function means there is no need to manually input each monthly target. You can set the initial and end target and the Auto-Distribute will fill in the blanks. This will make setting monthly targets a lot easier when creating a goal. You can also fine tune the targets by manually updating them from the same screen.