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Leadership, Strategy Execution and All What’s In-between


Every time we set up goals in our personal life, each of us have an entirely different thinking process. Some of us rush in, head first, and later on, contemplate if it was the right decision. Some of us write down exactly what we want, and others simply go with the flow. Regardless whom you identify the most, the way we operate in our personal life doesn’t always coordinate with the optimal way.

Most of us know exactly how it feels to be behind schedule, and find ourselves surprised how quickly the deadline came upon us. We all know how it is when we set up a target, but fail to meet it due to wrong prioritization or timing. Most of us have felt the pain of realizing in retrospect that our budget was not aligned with our goals.

Now, what do we do when we realize things aren’t going according to plan? Are we back to square one? But it isn’t just the square one that bothers us. It’s the fact that we wasted precious time and most likely money, and on top of it all, we are disappointed with ourselves for miscalculating our execution.



In my personal opinion, every person on this planet can produce a reasonable strategy, whether it is to plan a perfect vacation, manage our day to day at the office, save enough money to buy a new car etc… I believe that strategy is the key for all these examples and other plans, but without a proper execution, the strategy is simply a waste of time. I am not about to say that execution is of higher importance than the strategy itself, but I will say, that they complement each other, if not mutually dependent. Simply put, one cannot exist successfully without the other.

This blog is not about boring apocalyptic statistics that you have read a dozen times regarding strategy. It is not offering mind-blowing theories on how to run your business. It is simply a discussion on the various options before us. If you liked this blog, please feel free to join me on my next post, where I will elaborate on leadership importance, strategy execution and what’s in between. Please share your comments and make sure to follow up.