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Once your annual plan is in place it is more than likely that the day-to-day reality will drive it off its designated path.

MySP’s Change Management keeps your plans on track through the ever-changing business landscape. MySP demand orchestrates business logic for seamless alignment from demand to project to execution. By simplifying the process of accepting requests for change/new business demand and increasing its efficiency and alignment.  

Your organization benefits from a streamlined business demand through proper assessment, accurate pricing, and portfolio prioritization for strategic optimization.

Stay on course to maintain efficiency


Mitigate Change

Make sure that your optimal plan stays on course

End-to-End control

Optimize your budget portfolio performance

Gap variances

Streamline process, data and communication over the entrprise variances

Effective collaboration

Communicate without silos


Smoothly integrate with existing IT systems and data siloes to streamline reliable information

Actionable Insights 

Provide concise insights managers require to meet their goals and enable effective collaboration to boost efficiency

Main Capabilities

Demand management

Streamline every business demand to enable transparent and perfectly aligned delivery

Portfolio and project planning and optimization

Gain control to achieve optimal execution of your strategic plan

Change management

Safeguard and maintain the alignment and integrity of your plans

Risks, Action items, Issues, Decisions

Benefit from 360 view over every aspect of your day-to-day work

Get started Today!

Within a month you’ll ask yourself how you managed without it!
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