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The path to effective budget planning and producing the annual work plan is typically long, complex and painful in a large enterprise. 

MySP reconciles top-down operational constraints with bottom-up business demand to ensure you have the necessary resources to drive wide-scale, corporate initiatives. You gain a visual decision-making arena for balancing budget demands with corporate constraints and strategic goals, and benefit from collaboration with your peers using ‘what-if’ scenarios to optimize your budget and annual plans.

MySP eliminates the use of offline spreadsheets by having everyone work on one single, unified solution.

Digitalize your budget planning to insure operational effectiveness and efficiency


Save time 

Cut your planning time in half

Save money

Optimize budget allocation and eliminate  budgetary “black holes”


100% Alignment

Align your budget plan and investment allocation.

End-to-End Control

Over your budget portfolio performance


Reduce risk

Allocate the required resources to mittigate risk

Change control

Automate the process for coping with the unplanned

Main Capabilities

Goal setting

Ensure every manager is assigned with clear measurable goals

Budget & work annual planning

Digitalize  your budget and work plan process, reduce up to 50% of the managerial effort


Ensure that your budget and activities are aligned with your goals, and reduce up to 30% inefficiencies


Allocate resources to activities and make sure they are planned to work on the most important things

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Within a month you’ll ask yourself how you managed without it!
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