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Slider article

“86% of fortune 500 companies fail to implement strategy effectively” (Deloitte)

Leading consulting firms indicate that more than 80% of major enterprises fail to effectively meet their goals, from which more than 60% of the failure is accredited to poor cross organization communication & poor managerial alignment downstream.

The MySP Helix Suite was specifically designed to enable management to drive complex business operations.

The solution provides managers with real-time top down visibility of activities and their affect on associated KPI’s and goals.

This is done by providing the managers with relevant insights Into potential risks which may impact their goals and provides a venue to collaborate and avoid it.

Putting strategy to work


Manage your business from a single point

Drive your management team towards effectively meeting their goals

Establish collaboration & accountability across business units

Start Immediately, incredibly easy to use

Main Capabilities

Goal management

Respective to classic BI that only present the goals status, MySP Helix Suite enables to plan the goals & its associated deliverables from across the business units.
The solution manages the goals’ entire life cycle to ensure goals are optimally met & teams are aligned around the goal.

Actual tracking

MySP Helix Suite streams actual performance data and monitors the plan execution while connecting with the existing operational systems

Digital meetings

MySP Helix Suite enables a fully digitalized meeting management including managing decision, action items, document control, idea & risk management, all with full audit capabilities.

Contextual Collaboration

Enable the team to communicate & collaborate in the context of the goals, crossing the barriers of the organizational structure.

Actionable Insights

Instead of generating overwhelming amounts of reports, managers receive concise insights that indicate a deviation that would impact their goals.
Now they can act by collaborating with the right people, assigning tasks or generating a meeting in order to drive resolution.


MySP Helix Suite gathers actual data from your existing IT systems

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