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Ideas drive innovation and are known to be a key differentiator of success. Yet many great ideas never materialize in a large enterprise because of the complexity and the challenges involved in assigning accountability. My Single Point optimizes your innovation process by aligning it with strategic goals. The Innovation Execution process ensures that campaigns encouraging/promoting innovation OR innovation campaigns identify the relevant people to be accountable , and take these great ideas to realization.


Generate/Crowdsource/Ask for ideas which are aligned with strategic goals, for example ways to lower costs, increase revenues, improve production or find the next winning product. My Single Point ensures that innovative proposals are submitted in a standardized format together with a business case including budget, cost-benefit and risk analysis, and the linkage to strategic goals. When a proposal is selected, it’s matched up with the required resources and assigned a responsible owner. The process is managed from vision to implementation, complete with analytical tools and what-if scenarios to optimize investment budget and overcome misalignment

Inject innovation into the core of your strategic activities


Practical innovation 

Carve innovation into the DNA of your company while ensuring the ideas tie in with your strategic plan

End-to-end control

Ensure qualified innovation get the attention and resources they deserve


Smoothly integrate with existing IT systems and data siloes to streamline reliable information

Main Capabilities

Campaign management

Launch campaigns for employees to suggest ideas to better meet your strategy

Idea management

Streamline innovation throughout  its lifecycle, from conception to realization

Innovation execution

Guarantee proper execution from all levels of the organization  

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