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How often has your organization planned a huge program only to realize that you lack adequate resources in your organizational structure, such as the right FTEs, skill sets, sufficient dedicated hours, or the relevant knowledge base? My Single Point’s Resource Governance enables you to forecast these gaps well before you even begin a project to ensure it delivers on its strategic activities.

My Single Point allows/enables you to identify the right mix of human capital required to complete projects successfully and in alignment with strategic objectives. You can be assured that you have the right teams (both in-house and outsourced) with the right skill sets and with an accurate projected time for completion. In addition, by using “what-if” simulation modeling, you can identify other projects which may be delayed due to work on new projects.

Get the ideal organizational structure to deliver on your strategic goals


Optimize resource costs

Optimally meet business demands


Enterprise agility

Gain agility in shifting resources optimally to meet business changes

Actionable insights

‘What if’ simulation modeling and contextual insights to optimize delivery

Main Capabilities

Model organizational structure

Build your organizational structure to align with your strategic goals

Skill planning

Match business demand with the required FTEs,  skill sets, dedicated hours and knowledge to reach top results

Demand vs. Supply

Forecast gaps of resources against your work demands well before you begin a project to ensure delivery on strategic activities.

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